About Conside

Conside is an English podcast show mainly about the booming tech scene of China. 

We've seen many amazing things happened in China these years. Now it's time for us to hear what's really happening in this dazzling, yet puzzling land.

In this show, you will hear the true insider view of China's startups, innovations, tech trends and background stories. You will also dig into the deepest facts underneath China's flashy miracles.

This is the show you should listen to if you care about China. If you don't, you will soon do.

About the Host

My name is Ray Kwan, a freelance translator, writer and podcaster living in China. I used to be a translator/writer for TechCrunch.cn. And I am the translator of the Chinese version of 'The Innovators', Walter Isaacson's new best seller.

Born in 1990, I have witnessed every stage of China's internet era, from the first  trailblazers rising at the end of the 20th century, to this 'anyone-can-be-an-entrepreneur' generation. 

The achievements of China have already caught many people's eyes, but I found that a lot of articles about China are written from an outsider's view—they just try to understand China with the convention of Silicon Valley. This is the reason why I want to do this podcast—to show people who are interested in China's tech scene the bona fide aspect of it.

If you have any question or feedback about Conside, please kindly contact: hi@conside.fm

You can also find me on social networks like Twitter/WeChat/Weibo at consideray